An Erlang Function Server
Included in the download is an erlang implementation of the xlloop server process.

For more information on Erlang you can try:
The erlang server implementation consists of three files:
  • variant_codec.erl - this is responsible for marshalling the excel objects.
  • xlloop_server.erl - this is the server framework that dispatches requests/function calls to your server implementation.
  • server_example.erl - an example server implementation
The code listing for the example server is as follows:
-export([start/0, stop/0, function/2]).
-define(PORT, 5454).

start() ->
	Pid = xlloop_server:start(?PORT, ?MODULE),
	register(server_example_pid, Pid).
stop() ->
	server_example_pid ! stop.

function(_Name, _Args) ->
	{str, "Hello World!"}.
This creates a new server (a socket listening on port 5454). The main function is "function". This is called whenever excel invokes a function.